10 Things: Some of My Life Rules

1. Always read books.

2. If you are going to waste calories on junk food, you should do it in the most delicious way possible.
Store bought cinnamon rolls??? NO. Homemade? YES.

3. Be kind to children.

4. Get ready everyday.
Even if it's just jeans, a t-shirt, mascara, and lip gloss. It makes you feel better and you will be more productive.

5. Look for the funny stuff.
You throw up in your Ziploc bag at Albertsons? Funny. Your baby takes a dump on you? Funny. Your brother gets arrested? Funny. No one likes you? You guessed it, Funny.

6. Pray.

7. Take a lot of pictures.

8. But don't ever take naked pictures or videos.

9. Use the best smelling laundry detergent available.
Folding laundry sucks less when it smells amazing.

10. Write Thank You cards.



  1. I will pay more for better smelling laundry detergent.

    I take pics of everything. Life rule.

  2. Well, this list was ok... lets all just count our lucky stars you weren't Moses.


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