After years and years of teasing, my sisters Rachel and Sara finally got me.
My family was in town and we drove up to Morrow bay to spend the night. We saw a 4 person surrey bicycle and had to rent one. There was no way Jared and my dad were getting suckered into pedaling us around, so they hung out at the pier. My mom and 2 sisters rode out to Morrow Rock with me to see the huge waves.

While driving back, I thought it would be funny to squeeze myself into the front of the surrey. After 5 minutes and some serious body contortion I was in the child seat.

I knew Jared would shake his head in disgust/embarrassment so we had to pedal the bike past him with me looking like an idiot.
After we showed Jared and my dad how starved for attention I am, I started the process of extracting myself.

That is when my ugly, bratty, B.O. having sisters started pedaling. With my mom cracking up in the back row, I was paraded down Main Street. Loud cackles from pre-teen Rachel and Sara drew attention from hoards of tourists lining the sidewalks.
Feeling like a douche bag, my face faked a smile to pretend I was in on the joke, simultaneously reaching back and punching them in the boobs.
After the humiliation of being displayed as a giggling 2 year old on a bike ride, I was finally allowed to wrestle myself out of my 15 minutes prison.

ouché my sisters. Touché.

But be afraid. Seriously you guys.


  1. HAHAHAHA. I am NEVER missing a California trip EVER again for stupid college.

  2. I'm so glad to know that someone else punches their sisters in the boobs...


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