At Least Pee-Baby Is Happy

I was sitting in bed cursing pregnancy and baby #2/Mason/Jack/Bobert/Gus/Harold.
I have been throwing up everyday. I can't tell you how many good meals I've wasted lately.

For months I have based my decisions on what to eat by how good I think it will taste when I throw it up. Taco bell nacho cheese is surprisingly good on the way back up..... Prime rib with horseradish and a side salad? No.

You'd think that since I throw up a ton, I wouldn't have poop problems. But I do. I get unbelievably constipated.

I also found out I had to start going to a high-risk doctor because my last baby jacked up my cervix during childbirth. Great. I hate doctors in general, but especially crotch doctors.

I was exhausted and feeling sorry for myself. Being pregnant sucks on days when your a wussy. Pee-Baby was laying by me watching Netflix and holding his monster trucks.

I was literally in the middle of an internal tirade against my fetus for making 9 months of my life harder.
Baby Ryan dropped his toys, leaned over and hugged me. Then he looked up at me and said "Mommy, I'm happy!" in his squeaky 2 year old voice.

I don't know if he was commenting on his life in general or the fact that I gave him candy for breakfast and let him watch Monster Truck Madness.

Either way it was touching.

I felt like the most ungrateful person ever..... with a side of jerk and an a-hole on top.
(BTW, I should draw a picture of that when I'm bored.)

9 months of nasty bodily functions, exhaustion, and doctors visits are sooooooo worth it.

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  1. Such a sweet post. Isn't it funny how good are babies are at reminding us what douche lords we are?


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