10 Things: Stuff I Won't Pay For

There are some things in the world that I refuse to pay for. There is also a bunch of crap I will never pay full price for.

Here are some of those things:

1. Manicures and Pedicures

It would literally be painful for me to hand over cash for someone to do my nails. I can do it myself. Plus I hate people and don't want to talk to a stranger that long.

2. Pens and Pencils

Do you know how many places give out free pens and pencils? Tons.

3. Toys

Ryan has a way too many toys. I go through and donate a bunch of them every few months. With Grandmas who love to spoil him and awesome friends who give us their hand-me-downs, I have never bought Ryan a toy.

4. Home Remodeling Labor

I have a Jared for that.

5. Landscaper/Gardener

We have 1/2 an acre in California, which is a small miracle. The problem is that the yard is a year-round job. Since we have been remodeling our yard has been neglected. It looks like a jungle. We got a quote from a gardener to see how much it would cost for upkeep every month. He quoted $400..... $400!!!! That included one guy coming every other week for two hours.
Since when did gardeners get paid $100 an hour?
I'm not paying for that. I'll just leave it looking like a mess until our kitchen is done.

6. Babysitters

Why pay someone when you can trade with friends? Plus the babysitters here in Camarillo are expensive. Like, $10 an hour for 1 kid expensive.
I was forced to get a babysitter the last time I was in Utah, and she charged $2/hour. Of course I paid her more because I felt like I was ripping her off. I don't like to rip off teenagers.

7. A Maid

There are times when I have seriously considered hiring one, but I cannot justify paying for something I should do myself. It doesn't help that I'm a clean freak and would probably re-clean everything after the Maid left anyway.

8. A Car Wash

Another thing I should do myself.

9. Full Price Clothing

I live right by the Camarillo Outlet Stores. I also keep friends from when I used to work in retail at Lucky and Joe's Jeans. $40 for $180 jeans..... yes please.
When I can't get a discount, I don't buy it.

10. Anything full price at Michaels craft store

I use the 40% off coupons shamelessly. I make Pee-Baby buy items for me if I need more than one item.

Boring post, I know. Here is a picture to make it better.

The end.

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  1. This is not a boring post!! I get my biggest laugh of the day when I read your blog. You make some really good points in this...it sounds like you're frugal and have your head on straight as far as where your money goes. I have two Polish cleaning ladies come twice a month. They get places I've never gone near and do the floors (wood everywhere) by hand. It looks terrible again the next day but at least I know deep down it's clean.

    As far as your yard, you might be able to get a lawn service or even a handy man to come and give it a one time big clean up. At least then it will be easier to manage. I think you can see that my hubby is clearly not handy nor energetic but I like to scrimp where I can so I can have the luxuries! lol!



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