Food Spitter

Ryan has been spitting out his food.
he chews it all up, holds it in his mouth for 10-45minutes then spits it out.

I find masticated food clumps everywhere. Under the table, in the corner, and once in my shoes. Sometimes I don't find it for a few days and I have to scrape it up like a dried-out crusty meatloaf.

We were at Wood Ranch with Jared's Aunt and Uncle and Pee-Baby stuffed his mouth with French fries.
20 min later when everyone was done Ryan looked at me with guilt in his eyes.
Knowing he was about to spit all over the table, I presented him with a napkin for discretion.

He slowly pushed out a 1/2 cup of chewed up French fries and saliva.
It was embarrassing.

Cryin' Ryan is a horribly picky eater. I don't fight him on this because that is one battle I'm not going to win. I make sure different foods are available for him and cheer him on when he eats something besides bananas or grapes.

I usually let Ryan's bad behaviors slide if they are funny or cute..... this is neither one of those things:

When it comes to the spitting, I'm lost.
We used to get mad at him, that didn't work.
Then I ignored him, in case he was doing it for attention, that didn't work.
Then I made him clean up his foul mess, that didn't work.
Now I just give him positive reinforcement when he spits in the garbage instead of the on the coffee table.

What would you do if your baby was gnawing on food then depositing it all over your clean house??? (Besides posting pictures of it on the internet to embarrass him when he's older.....)

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