Worst Nightmare

I had the worst nightmare ever.

I walked into my house and everything was destroyed. Everything was ripped apart and garbage was everywhere. My living room was stacked up with crap from our storage room. My refrigerator and microwave were hanging out in my front entryway.
A thick layer or dust coated every inch of my house (including Pee-Baby) even though I had dusted the day before.

Then I realized I wasn't sleeping:

I hate remodeling.
Jared loves it.
Both houses we have bought, Jared has remodeled. Living through 1 remodel is bad enough.

Dirt drives me crazy.

If I am committed to an insane asylum, you'll know why. Hopefully they'll let me out before I have baby #2.

P.S. I realize I'm a total douche for complaining that I get a New kitchen and bathrooms, but I'm pregnant and whiny and this is my blog..... M'kay? >: (


  1. Hang in there...it's going to be so worth it!

  2. When your baby comes out with asbestos poisoning, you'll be even more justified....


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