Chucky's Skull

When Chucky died, we buried him across the street in the ravine.
2 weeks later, Jared found him dug up. A coyote had eaten the meat, but thoughtfully left the bones.

Since Jared is messed up, he brought the skull home and set it on our front porch.

It's kind of cool so I left it there.

Now Cryin' Ryan lovingly refers to the skull as "Chucky". He pets it and says goodbye to it when we leave our house. A little bit creepy but a lot funny.

Ryan still gets sad and confused because Chucky doesn't "work" anymore.


 Aw Man! No workins.....



  1. I have a friend who's little girl looks exactly like a chucky doll. I can send you a pic of her if it would make you feel better


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