Bump On The Head

I have been a little more concerned about Cryin Ryan lately.
His massive head size seems to be causing him a lot of problems.
He can't seem to keep track of it. He is constantly running into things and getting huge bruises on it.
A two and a half year old body does not seemed to be equipped to handle their gigantic heads. It's like how scientifically, bumble bees should not be able to fly due to their large bodies and small wings, but they still fly...... 2 year old should not be able to walk with their large heads and small bodies, but they do.
Take that Physics.
They look like walking upside-down candy apples until they are 12 years old.
I guess it's better to have a big head than a small one. Small heads are kind of creepy.

Pee-Toddler jack his head up on the corner of our bed frame. he is smiling because after 20 seconds of crying he noticed a bug on the wall and was happy again.

His head injuries are probably why he thinks its fun to play with our cat's skull.

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