Gingerbread Competition

Usually when I am in Utah and my family gets together we sit around the table, talk some trash, and see what sibling cries first.

This year I decided to switch things up a little bit. 
After an embarrassing amount of time on pinterest and blog-stalking, I decided to throw a gingerbread house building contest.  
I convinced my parents to pay for everything. I bought a ton of graham crackers and WAY MORE candy than necessary. (After the contest the extra candy was promptly hidden and then packed in my luggage and returned home to California with me.)

I made a butt-load of frosting. So much frosting that "butt-load" is the only adjective that can describe the amount accurately.

The rules:

People can build in teams or do it by themselves.
After everyone builds their Gingerbread Houses, everyone will get to vote on their favorite house. 
Each person gets 2 votes. You cannot vote for yourself.
Prizes were awarded accordingly.

My dad and Grandpa received the most votes by buiding a  mini-replica of my parent's house:

The Best Construction

Congratulations! Your gingerbread house is well constructed that we all suspect you have secretly been practicing for this contest.

The house with the least amount of votes got:

The Pity

Congratulations! Your gingerbread house is so ugly that people feel sorry for you.

Clearly, my 18 year old sister Sara was taking this contest seriously.

Then, since I was in charge and could do whatever I want, I picked the Gingerbread house that was awarded this: 

The Sexiest
Congratulations! Your gingerbread house is sexy. Awkward... This was supposed to be a FAMILY competition.

If this gingerbread house isn't sexy, I don't know what is.
I think the 1/2 banana in the middle is what really sealed the deal. 
3 year old Aiden was stoked to win the Sexiest Award.

Other notable entries included: 


My mom and Grandma Alice's Ocean Liner

Megan and Zac's perfectly constructed home

Daniel and Erika recreated  Rapunzel's Tower

Jared and I made a trailer house into a home

P.S. I stole a bunch of these pictures from my sister's blog because her's are 50x better than mine.


  1. Your 18 year old sister looks like she could be your twin. And were the puffs of smoke coming out of the chimneys made from white cotton candy? I got so much candy for Christmas and I was stoked "Candy all month!" well guess what, a week later? Its all gone. I suck.

  2. Hey Emily! You forgot to add that you made off with all the family fudge also! I think she left a blanket here to make room!!!! Love you ... and thank you foe letting me have my stocking goods. That was nice of you.


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