10 Things: Benefits of Having Elf/Gnome-Babies

After recent 3D ultrasound pictures, it's clear that Baby #2 is going to be a replica of Cryin Ryan.

Baby #2:

Cryin Ryan:

Here are a few good things about having elf/gnome babies:

1. They bake cookies in trees.

2. Most of the time they are pretty cute.

3. Elves have been popularized by the Dungeons & Dragons game.

4. They are very smart and attractive, but not physically strong.

5. In more recent folklore, they have been associated with Fairies and have a prepubescent look with no facial hair on males, but expect an unruly mess of hair by the time they're two-three months old.

6. They have a small stature and are young seemingly forever. Even though Ryan is turns 3 in April, he just barely grew into his size 2T clothes. He wore 0-3 month size clothes until he was 5 months old.

 7. They like to play, might be mischievous at times, but are essentially non malevolent.

8. They are generally very jovial.

9. They live under rocks and in forests, which is why they have light translucent skin.

10. They help in the garden and fix shoes at night.

Yay for elf/gnome babies!!!!

Some elf facts provided by:  http://ezinearticles.com/?5-Facts-About-Elves&id=5053069

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