Baby #2's Peen

I had to drag myself to another hi-risk ob/gyn appointment. The only cool thing about these appointments is that you always get the creepy 3D ultrasounds.

I'm 30 weeks along so the baby is looking less like an brine shrimp and more like a human.

After these ultrasounds, I feel confident in saying that I am bound to be the proud mother of another mythical elf-baby.

Baby #2 looks exactly like Pee-toddler. Look at his nose:

After the initial ultrasound, the nurse printed out a bunch of pictures for us. Then the actual doctor came in to tell us everything looks good(!!!).

The Dr. is a middle aged Indian dude with a heavy accent. He immediately congratulated Jared on impregnating me with another boy. He turned on the ultrasound, found baby #2's peen, flipped on the 3D option, and shook Jared's hand.

After more back-patting, Dr. J printed out the 3D image for Jared to take home. No other pictures... just the one of the penis. For REALS.

The Indian culture obviously celebrates manhood seriously.

I was trying not to laugh as he gently handed the wiener picture over to my husband (which Jared received with delicate reverence):

Gross. This is going to be adorable in my scrapbook.


Speak with your heart or your private parts, either one is fine with me.