Angel Wings and Elephants

I went shopping for a hoodie long enough to cover my jellybean shaped body. I found the perfect one at Victoria's Secret.

I brought it home and proudly showed Jared. I tried it on. He was clearly unimpressed.

He asked me:

First how old are you? Aren't you almost 30?

Second, are gold sequined wings on the back of your jacket a good idea when you're pregnant???

Maybe he has a point.
A sparkly, flying pregnant chick is not exactly the look I was going for.
Of course I had already washed and worn it, so I couldn't return it to the store.

I felt a little bit better wearing it around while I was visiting Utah for Christmas.
EVERYONE loves sequins and bedazzled clothing there. Even the men.
I have never seen so many glittering butts in all my life.  (Except for that one time I went to a Gay Rights Parade.)

I also bought a cute silk shirt from Lucky. I bought it a size bigger so I could wear it while pregnant. I clearly was not thinking ahead.
I don't know how I feel about wearing elephants when I kind of feel like one. I'm bigger than normal, and I stomp around all day looking for food and protecting my young.

From now on, I should probably shop in the maternity section. I don't think they have angel wings or elephants on any of their clothing.


  1. Gosh, and you're still smaller at 32 weeks than some of my friends at 20 weeks! You look awesome!

    And I laughed out loud at the bedazzled butt jeans on men in Utah. Disgusting, and sadly, so true!

  2. You're so pretty. :)


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