Snowman Butt Craft

I wanted to make a mason jar snowglobe for Cryin Ryan. I couldn't find any cool figurines to put inside of it, so I bought some clay and made my own.

I made the big snowman. I also made the pieces for Ryan's smaller snowman, but he put it together by himself. He would tell me what to make and like the awesome mom I am, I would make it.

Which is why his snowman has extra snow for his cheeks and a green triangle Mohawk.
This is also why the small snowman has a butt.

Ryan insisted I make a bum. I guess butts are pretty essential body parts.

We baked the clay, put water and too much glitter in the mason jar, then added our snowmen. It was pretty amazing for $4.

Strangely enough, this was not the first time Ryan and I had sculpted butts onto inanimate holiday objects.

In October we carved pumpkins. Once again Ryan was adamant that I carve a bum on the back of it.

I have a hunch Ryan's Valentine's day cards are going to be awesome.


  1. I'm really not surprised. You are his mother after all. ;)

  2. He better send one of those awesome cards to his grandma!!!! This is hilarious! For someone that is disgusted with butt products he amuses me!

  3. That is so funny!!!! And great idea with with snowman craft!!!



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