Best Lotions Ever

I'm obsessed with lotion.
I NEED it all the time.

Dry skin creeps me out.
When I travel someplace I know is going to be dry, I bring like, 6-8 bottles of moisturizer with me.
If I were stranded on a desert island, I would want lotion and Jared. In that order.

So after years of lotion obsession, I'm kind of a connoisseur of sorts.

The scent of the lotion is really important. I love clean, fresh scents that give others the illusion that I actually shower. 
Lotions also have to feel good. I don't want them to be all greasy, but I want to feel like I actually put some on. Those powdery finish lotions make me cringe.

Best Lotions under $15:

Nivea Smooth Sensations
$5 @ Walmart
- smells and feels clean, perfect for everyday use

Babyganics Cucumber and Aloe Lotion
$7.99 @ Babies R Us
- hands down the best smelling baby lotion ever, ever, ever.

True Blue Spa- Super Rich Hand Cream - Fragrance Free
$13 @ Bath and Body Works
- thick and luxurious. I have a stockpile of it at my mom's house in Utah for the dry summers.

Best lotions to buy when you are mad at your husband or want to splurge on something unnecessary:

Caudalie Nourishing Body Lotion
$30 @ Sephora 
- light and airy, scent is incredible, bottle lasted a long time

Bliss 24-heaven
$35 @ Sephora
 - super thick but not heavy or greasy, keeps skin moisturized and soft, smells light and clean

And last but not least, a picture I drew to brighten your day:

I call her LaQueefa.


  1. Ha! I love LaQueefa, great name! Does she have a hidden talent? :) We share the same belly, which really sucks for me...

    1. LOL.... hidden talents.... :) maybe I should start writing mini bio's for my ugly drawings.

  2. This comment has nothing to do with this post. (Althought I do need a new lotion STAT and that Nivea is lookin pretty nice right about now.) I totally thought of you this morning and a previous blog post you wrote. Long story short, I was brushing my teeth and knew I was about to throw up.. I ran to the toilet, lifted the lid and there was my pee from last night. We also, now, do NOT let yellow mellow.


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