Pee-Toddler goes to Utah

Things I learned about Ryan during our trip to Utah in December:

Masking tape roads are great for airplane seat trays.

Heated floor tiles make the Toddler happy.

Uncle Jake lets Ryan eat entire bags of Cheetos, say the "F" word, and photobombs him. 

He is not a fan of the snow and/or cold.

Pee-Toddler is also not a fan of leashes.

Unsurprisingly, he IS a fan of pink strollers, frilly aprons, and running through the house giggling like a schoolgirl.

He likes to make Christmas cookies with his cousins and Grandma.
Ryan REALLY likes Santa.
And LOVES baby cousin Laura.

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  1. Wow he looks so grown up. I still can't believe you've kept a child alive this long...


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