Mormons are Nice

Its a known fact: Mormons are Nice.

I think its a basic requirement that if you are a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, a large part of your being must be nice.

The ones in Camarillo California are especially nice.

Friends from my church threw me a beautiful baby shower for my first child. A ton of people came and were a lot more generous than they should have been. My friends and family threw me one in Utah and I was overly spoiled again. Let's not even get into how much my mom and dad spoiled me.....

So now I'm having my second baby boy and really don't need anything for him.

When my ward (Mormon churches are organized geographically into "wards") wanted to throw a combined baby shower for me and a few other pregnant girls, I was surprised. All four of us pregnant chicks have had other kids.

I grew up in Utah where girls typically have a baby shower for their first babies and that's all.
California is a little different.
Here, its pretty common to have baby showers/celebrations for every pregnancy.

I hate being the center of attention and felt kind of guilty having another baby shower when I didn't need anything. I was excited to go support my other pregnant friends, but I requested no gifts for me.

I showed up to the combined shower excited to celebrate all the babies and eat good food.

What I didn't expect was the pile of gifts waiting for me.

We have only been in this ward a little over a year, and I have some good friends but I don't know some of the ladies very well. But a ton of them showed up and were soooooooo generous with their gifts.
Everyone that came brought gifts for all four pregnant girls.

I left with a stomach full of good food and a garbage bag full of diapers, wipes, target gift cards, and other awesome baby stuff.

Ummmm, I'm lucky.

And like I said, Mormons are way too nice.

And I'm thankful :)


  1. Mormons are nice and pretty! I think woman should get a shower for every baby so I'm glad you got to have one. :)

  2. You totally deserve it! Enjoy it, Emily :)


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