10 Things: Cleaning

Time for a super fascinating blog post.
You will probably want to make time to read this in one sitting.

I love clean stuff.
I cannot function in a dirty unorganized environment. I am the A-hole who will be a guest at your house and start cleaning randomly. I do it to my gross brother Jake all the time.
I am also a cleaning product whore.
I try everything, but the following are my favorites.

1. Bona
This floor cleaner is magical. Cleans and dries fast and leaves no streaks. Plus the name sounds like boner.

2. Method Cleaner
Smell delicious and doesn't leave streaks on granite.

3. Barkeepers Friend
Any friend of a barkeepers is a friend of mine. 

4. Clorox Bleach
Because germs.

5. Sprayway Stainless Steel cleaner
I am really hateful towards fingerprints on stainless steel. One time I wanted to start a Concentration Camp for wayward prints but then I found this cleaner and am working through my problems like an adult.

6. Sprayway Glass Cleaner
No streaks and it's cheap at Costco.

7. Swiffer Dusters
Cause I'm lazy.

8. Mr. Clean with Fabreze
If heaven had a signature scent, this would be it.

9. Downy Scent Beads
Laundry sucks. It sucks significantly less when it smells amazing. The smell stays on your clothes and sheets for over a week and it is delightful.

10. A Razor Blade
I live in Herriman and have hard water. I obsessively scrape build-up so I can feel good about life again. Also to cut someone if I need to.

And here's a picture to make you feel dirty and uncomfortable:


  1. #2 and #8 mmmm hmmmmm! Just treated my house to these today! I can sit again because the house is clean . . . Until dad pulls out his a-salt-gun and kills those flies. :/ (I don't think it would bug me so bad if he cleaned up the flies . . . And didn't sound so evil-happy-laugh as he shoots the flies with salt. . . At least he finally has a hobby.

  2. So many of these things are so interesting to me....guess i need to go to target yayyyyyy

  3. I'm saving this list!
    Also, have you tried Lemi-shine for hard water? I bought crazy amounts of that when I lived in Herriman!


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