Chicken Babies

I am all about free kid entertainment.
That's why I go to nasty McDonalds, Walmart's toy section, IKEA, and church.

We also go to this awesome pet store in Riverton named Pet Planet. I tell my kids it's the aquarium.
We go so much the owner knows us. He also knows we are freeloaders and never going to buy anything, but he is still nice and accepts me as a person.

What is cool about Pet Planet is they have a ton of animals. Not like Petco, who only has fish and some sad looking hamsters.

Pet Planet has every reptile, tons of spiders, fish, birds, kittens, dogs, and all the creepy small mammals that pee in wood shavings.

One day I was driving home and saw a farming supply store, IFA, with a big sign saying "Baby Chicks are Here!!!" I swerved into the parking lot so fast I almost wrecked my car.

I told the boys it was a special petting zoo, but only with chickens, and it also happened to sell cowboy boots and horse feed. It's cool though, cause they still believed me. 

The chicks were in pens and could only stick their little heads out to eat, but it was fine, since you could still pet their fluffy heads and let them eat out of your hands.

They were sooooooo cute.

I almost shoplifted one.

I was gazing lovingly into the baby chicks eyes when I hear a gleeful laugh from Baby Tyler.

I look over and he's holding a chick he pulled out of the cage.  By. It's. Head.
He's also squishing the crap out of it.

For real though, crap was coming out the chicks B-hole.

Not only was he killing the chick, he was super proud of himself.

We hurried and made sure it wasn't hurt and put it back in the pen immediately.

Just kidding, we held the fluffy chick  for like, 15 minutes, until we saw an IFA employee come see what everyone was laughing at, then Ryan shoved it sideways through cage.

Oh yeah, in my defense, T-Bag dressed himself that day. 

No wonder all the chicks liked him.

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  1. I'm surprised I haven't run into you at Pet Planet because we love it and go there all the time too. It is seriously the best pet store.


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