Booger Munching

Ryan is surprisingly not a booger eater.

I know most kids eat their boogers but it's freaking nauseating so Husband and I have always encouraged our spawn to use a tissue. We don't want our kids to be snot munchers.

Ryan is disgusted that some kids eat their boogers. At church he saw another kid slurp down some snot and he freaked out. It literally blew his mind. I had to take him outside and calm him down.

But then #2 came along and insists on eating his own mucus.
Tyler refuses to just be an adult and use a Kleenex.

Anytime Tyler has snot all over his face, which is all the time, I go grab a tissue. Once he sees me walking towards him he rushes to pick his nose and eats it before I get there. Then he smiles at me, very satisfied with himself.

He even laughs sometimes like eating boogers is delightful.

Here is my dilemma though.

Ryan will pick his nose in random places and yell out that he has a huge booger on his finger and needs a tissue.
Then he holds it out to me like it's a gift and I have to wipe it off.

Ryan also is partial to wiping his nose on his sleeve. If he has a cold, his sleeves are sure to be covered in thin layers of crust.
He also likes to wipe snot on his car seat. 

I find his used tissues throughout the house.
Sometimes I find snot wiped on top of the toilet paper roll and left there for an innocent bystander to discover.

I don't have to deal with any of that nastiness with Tyler since he just eats them.

(Dude. I just realized that since Tyler eats boogers, he also digests them, which means when I change his diapers I am actually wiping up booger-poop. I hate my brain. I can't un-think that.)

So which habit is grosser? Kids eating their boogers or leaving snail trails everywhere they go?

I think this is one of those no-win situations.


  1. ...like eating boogers is delightful!

    Bu, ha, ha, ha!

  2. My husband regularly eats his boogers. I realized many years ago there is nothing I can do to stop it. My kids LOOOOVE eating their own boogs. Once I asked Fin why and she said "because its so sticky mom, it feels good". Last week I finally said to Cutter, "Listen dude you can pick your nose all you want. But you CAN'T eat them. Pick as hard and long as you like. Just go get a tissue after." It was literally mind blowing for him

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