Gross Things at the Grocery Store

Once I was looking for soup at the grocery store and saw this:

Campbell's Golden Mushroom Soup.

Have you ever heard of a Golden Mushroom?
It sounds dirty and sexual. Like something you do in college and should probably have a pre-arranged safe word planned with your partner.
A cloudy brown broth with chunks of soft mystery items is not what I want in my mouth.

I also saw this disturbingly named candy:


A Reester Bunny?

I feel really uncomfortable about this.

I saved the most disturbing thing for last.
EVERY TIME we are in the produce section, T-Bag insists on getting out the shopping cart and finding the most phallic looking vegetable. Then he hits himself on the head with it and says, "Bonk."

I don't know why he does this.
We don't do this at our house. I know I may seem like the type of mom that bonks myself in the head with vegetables, but I'm telling the truth. We really don't do this. 

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  1. I have so many things to say about this video, but they all seem so inappropriate to say since there is a child involved. So I'll just leave it at :)


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