Rat Baby

My little baby sis, Sara, got married last December and is already knocked up and about 8-ish weeks along.
I'm impressed her new husband actually found the right hole in such a short time.
It was a solid 6 years before Husband and I found it.

Sara is 21 and her baby daddy is 20. They are both freshmen in college.
I have to give a little street credit to people who get pregnant on purpose when they are that young and still in school.

Sara is super excited and will be a much better parent than I would have been at that age.

If I had kids when I was 21, I would have screwed my kids up worse than I already have.
And I would probably be in jail right now.

I'm 10 years older than Sara and have two kids. I'm basically a pregnancy expert.
That's why every once in a while I send her fun pregnancy facts:

She had an ultrasound and texted the pictures to us.
After you've had a couple of kids you know that ultrasounds all look the same so it's not that cool to see one. Like, I'm happy for you and all, but these mean nothing to me.... but I'm still glad you like them.



It's a freaking rodent!!!

I'm not here to judge though. I will treat that little Rat Baby kindly and with love. Just like I treat all my human nieces and nephews.

  • I can't wait to help Sara get it's room/cage all ready.
  • I am going to buy the best chew toys for it.
  • I'll teach Sara how to properly swaddle a Rat so it's claws can't get out.
  • If Rat Baby bites me, I'll be cool about it and not cause a scene.
  • When it come to my house for a sleepover when it's older, I'll let it sleep in the heating vents or the attic so it's more comfortable.
  • I also plan on supporting all of Rat Baby's dreams and life choices, because that's the type of Aunt I am.

I heard rats can form bonds with humans pretty easily so I am excited to welcome this little mammal into our family.

Congrats Sara and Alek!!!

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  1. If I was people watching myself right now, I'd be totally happy. Laughing out loud while sitting by yourself at the airport surrounded by strangers. =D bahahahahaha! nice blogpost! :)


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