Black Santa

Almost every holiday I try to buy one nice decoration for my house.
I hate all the cheap crap that people throw all over their houses, so I just save up a little money then buy something super rad.

Last Halloween we bought an old medical poster of a skull.


Last December I was searching everywhere to find a special Christmas decoration. I went to Pottery Barn, Thai Pan Trading Outpost, Dillards, Restoration Hardware and some smelly old antique shops.

I has just about given up hope.

I decided to try Hobby Lobby last.
I walked around and suddenly felt a burning in my bosom. I turned around and felt the spirit guide me to this treasure.

A Black Santa.

I love Christmas, I love Black People, and I love 40% off coupons. I bought it immediately.

Every time I look at Black Santa I feel a sense of peace and comfort, knowing that I endured to the end and did the right thing.

I'm so stoked about Black Santa that he is now a permanent decoration year round.

the end.

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  1. Sara found a black Jesus at her first apartment on her mission. :)


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