Dinosaur Sex

Like most little boys Ryan is obsessed with Dinosaurs.

So a while ago I found these pictures of Dinosaurs doing it  making sweet dino love.

I saved them on my computer for the next time I'm in a fight with someone and feel like being extra petty.
I will text these pics to their phone and will win the argument by default since the person I'm fighting with will automatically be humbled and wished they had thought of sending dino porn first.

So Ryan and I were looking at some of his baby pictures on my laptop and he saw one of the thumbnails of the dino porn. Of course he wanted to see them, and I forgot that I had them. I assumed they were just normal pictures of Dinosaurs.

I click on the folder.

Ryan tilts his head to the side and studies the 2 Dinos while I hurried to close the window.

Ryan got mad and was like, "Why can't I look at those Dinosaurs? They are just wrestling and giving massages."
I tried to play it cool and just agreed with him.

Yeah.... wrestling and massages......

BTW: Awesome artwork by Jose Antonio Penas


  1. Wrestling and massages....Love it! LOL!!

  2. These images are so messed up, so it makes perfect sense they are on your computer. For some reason I have a picture of your husband in a speedo on my computer. I think if Isaac saw it, he would be equally disturbed.


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