Christie and Emily

Here are some of my favorite friends:

Christie and Emily 
(and Emily's pants-less kid, D.C.)

They were my bridesmaids at my wedding..... 

Mostly because they had a lot of stuff to blackmail me with so I had to keep them under close supervision.

The one in the middle, Cristie, is about 8 months pregnant with her first child, a boy. 
I know.....  she looks amazingly hot you can barely tell she is knocked up. Don't worry, I secretly hate her for it too. 

Dang my friends are hot. 

 You may wonder why I am holding Emily's kid while she is holding Pee-Baby. The truth is that Pee-Baby followed Emily around all night. I didn't know he liked large breasted blondes so much. 

I am holding her kid, D.C.,  because he is hilarious and I adore trouble-maker kids.

You also may wonder why D.C. is not wearing pants. This picture was taken after D.C. took a dump in the toilet. He is not potty-trained yet so this was kind of a big deal. It took close to 20 minutes, but you better believe he delivered. 

He was inspired to use the toilet after he walked in on me peeing.

Emily's older boy, Kyson was a sweet angel who protected Ryan while D.C. tried to play with him. Then Kyson nicely put himself to bed when he got tired.  

They boys ate pizza while Emily and I scared the crap out of Christie with our motherhood stories.

I apologize for all the horror stories Christie. Please hang out with us again the next time I'm in town. 

You can read Christie's funny blog here.

P.S. Lisa Glista is awesome and funny too.


  1. Know why you liked DC so much, look at him copping a feel of your boobie in that photo!

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  3. Just discovered your blog...hilarious.


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