Pee-Toddler loves clocks.
He can only say 10-15 words and clock is one of them. 
He spots them everywhere. If there is one hiding in the corner at a store he goes nuts and yells, CLOCK! CLOCK! CLOCK! about 15 times until everyone is looking at us and wondering if Ryan has mental problems. 
He points them out if we pass them on the street. 
He gets more excited about clocks than he does about Baby Finley. That's serious.

I have to chalk his obsession with clocks up to Jared's grandparents, who live across the street from us.
Jared's awesome Grandpa, Jim, was one of my most favorite people ever. 
He passed away a few years ago. He was an avid antique clock lover. 
He had an entire workshop devoted to fixing clocks. He collected them and put the especially old and cool ones all over his house.  

When you walked into his house, you would hear the ticking of over 30 clocks. 
It sounds lame but it became one of the most comforting sounds. 
We spent a lot of time over there. 

Since Ryan was born, we have gone across the street the visit Jared's grandma a few times every week. The clocks are still hanging all over the house. 

I never thought to point out any of the clocks to Cryin' Ryan. 
We never talked to him about them or tried to get him to say "Clock". 
I don't know how he learned it or why he is so obsessed with them. 

I like to think that before Ryan was born, he was an angel hanging out with Grandpa Jim. Jim would have for sure showed Ryan all there is to know about clocks.....Yeah, I'm going to go with that.


  1. And now Grandpa Jim is one of Ryans angels- and I think the veil is still pretty thin for him so Grandpa Jim is probably teaching him all about clocks! :) .... maybe thats why he gets so stoked about fish too.... you know Grandpa Earl and his fish stories!!!!

    ....so what about Ryans squeaky shoes? There was nothing in the email..... love you!

  2. Do you watch The Walking Dead? Grandpa Jim looks a lot like Hershel but without the beard and pony tail.


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