Eye Rock

I was doing my yearly hour of yard work when I found a bunch of cool rocks.  

I hyperventilate if I throw anything away that can be used for a lame craft so I kept my ziploc bag of rocks. 

Then I thought of something equally lame and cool.

For the Boys and Girls Club Smartgirls Program I made this whole lesson about why it's important to have self esteem. 

Part of our session included passing a rock around. Whoever had the rock had to say one good thing about themselves and one good thing about the person they passed the rock onto. 

One of the little girls could not think of something positive to say about herself. The whole group waited silently for about 2-3 min. My heart was breaking for her. I wanted to start telling her all the good things I think about her but I didn't because I wanted her to be able to come up with good things on her own.

We kept waiting....

Then my sweet little minions started calling out all these different compliments about the little sad little girl. My heart almost fell out my butt. I was so touched that young girls noticed she needed help and made her feel special. 

The sad little girl then repeated on of the compliments the minions had pointed out and passed the rock on. 

Afterwards I gave the girls rocks to paint. I showed them how to paint an eye on them.

This is where my genius comes in....... 
Everytime the girls see the rock they are supposed to think "I Rock!"

Eye Rock = "I Rock"

Get it!?!?!?
I sometimes can't believe how clever I am.   

Then, to make my idea even more novel, I told the girls that every time they see the rock and think "I Rock" they also have to think 1 good thing about themselves!!!

It's painful to be so lame.


  1. This is a cute idea...good work! Your job sounds awesome and like you help so many kids. I wish I could do something like that someday:)

  2. I love that you post this thoughtful touching story and ruin it with saying something like "your heart fell out of your butt" thanks for the gross visual.


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