Onesie Snaps

If you have a baby, you will know exactly what I am taking about when I say how much I HATE snaps on baby clothing.

I swear I have opened and closed more than 3432534259874398270 snaps since Ryan has been born.

Newborns are the WORST.
Every time they poop, which is every 10 minutes, you have to redo the snaps.
They go through 5-100 outfits a day and each time you have to redo the snaps. 
They sneeze, you have to redo the snaps

Babies also usually wear more than one layer, so each time you change their pants you have to do 2-3 layers of the wretched snaps.

With hate in my heart, I decided to only snap the middle button.
This led to the onsie slipping to the side, squishing the diaper, and caused pee to leak everywhere. 
I had to revert to doing all the snaps since I don't like pee stamps all over my house. 

I loved the baby bundlers. In the middle of the night, the last thing you want to be doing is snapping crap up.

I assume that if you have a baby girl, you save a ton of time because dresses don't have snaps.

Why don't they make more masculine dresses in Cryin' Ryan's size??? 

 This just doesn't look right:

One day, Ryan is going to kill me.


  1. THIS JUST MADE MY DAY 3248635512357% BETTER!

  2. So cute!!!!! Give his junk some breathing room. Nothing wrong with that.

  3. In pioneer days they didnt put boys in trousers til they were 3-5??? Years old. No snaps.
    I am also assuming that Jared was at work when you took these pictures.
    And finally...when you have a girl PLEASE let her hair grow and don't be giving her a faux-hawk. It just looks wrong. ...however Ryan looks pretty happy and Im sure you had a good time as well. Hmmmm....you should combine the dress and your hair extensions....

  4. This is seriously so hilarious!!!


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