How To Piss Off A Scammer - Part II

First, read How To Piss Off A Scammer - Part I.

My little sis replied to Reynaldo's last email:

Thank you so so so much!! I will not let you down! Ahh!! I'm so excited right now! She is adorable! Her eyes are beautiful! I absolutely promise to love her and care for her. I promise I won't let you down:) I cannot wait to meet you guys! Oh, by the way, my parents would like to set up a meeting time for all five of us before I start just for safety reasons. I'm sure you can understand that. So let me know when is good for you and we can go to lunch or something:) Thank you so much Mr. Carriere!! 

Sara Barlocker

12437 S. Mayan Street

Riverton Ut 84096

801-608-7876 (If you could email me your number and I'll put it on my plan, or else I cant receive your calls and I can't call you)


I can work anytime you need me. Set hours would be helpful but Jane comes first now. (I will be taking classes in the fall, but those are flexible)

The first picture is of me and my niece, Brooke, and nephew, Aiden. Both are about 3 1/2 years old, so pretty close to Jane's age:) Then the second is of me and my other nephew, Ryan, he's about 2. Then the last is a more recent picture.

So if you could just email me your number then that would be great and we will be able to communicate better. I literally cannot wait to meet you two!! Thank you so much for this chance! Again, I think it's more for me than for you. I'll be waitin!


Clearly Sara is about to pee herself with excitement. I would be too if I was about to get paid a ton for an easy job.

This is where it starts to get really juicy....
My sister's friend, Alicia, had heard about Sara's awesome new job. Sara referred her to justcare.com.
Coincidentally, Alicia got a job too!!!!! With the exact same Mr. Reynaldo Carriere!!!!

Confused, Sara emails Rey-Rey:

Hey so I was talking to my friend, Alicia, and she said that you emailed her and told her that she got the job as well. So we were just wondering what was going on?

Father of the Year cunningly replies:

Yes, because I'm also looking for a housekeeper. I'm hiring Alica for housekeeper. I got your last email, I will email you the payment details and other necessary details as soon as they are available. 

Relived, Sara writes:

Ok awesome. I was just really confused haha so your business is going to email me a check within the next couple of weeks? And then could me, you, Sarah, and my parents and maybe even Alicia could go to lunch or something like that?

The Scammer comes back with:

Sure, We will all meet when i get back to the state and i will email you the payment details probably next week 

3 days later Sara makes contact: 

Hi Mr Carriere!
How are you and Sarah doing? Getting excited to come back or are you sad to leave?

Being a "successful man on a business trip to London", he is not one to waste time with polite conversation. A couple days later Mr. Carriere sends Sara a check via USPS express mail. Supposedly, this was to be an advanced payment for being hired. It costs about $18 to send this overnight. 
 Sara emails:

Hey, I just got the check today. So what do you want me to do with it?

At this point I had arrived in Utah for my Christmas vacation. 
Sara let me see the check.
Scam-pants sent instructions:

Okay, I text you yesterday but you didn't reply. Anyways, I will like you to know that the check you received include your first week advance pay $500 and the rest funds are meant for my agent that will be taking care of my daughter's flight. I will like you to go ahead and have it deposit into your bank account, the funds will be credited in your account within 24hours!! Save the funds in your account, I will email you on what to do with the extra money as soon as i hear from my agent. Let me know as soon as the check is deposited

Jane told me to say HI to you and ask how are you doing? :)


A $500 advance for a nanny job?! Sounds legit. 
It also makes sense that a wealthy business man needs Sara to send money to his agent for his daughters flight. Buying plane tickets online with your  own credit card is for suckers. Rich people have their nanny's cash checks and send the money to a middle man.
The check was written out for $1950.00 
He wanted Sara to keep $500 and send the remaining $1450 via Western Union to his agent.
The check was sent from Virginia, supposedly from his "agent" as he is too busy with work to get involved with trivial things such as money. 
The check look legitimate, but I can tell something is slightly off. It was from some company in the mid-west where his "agent" is located.

 My Dad takes us to his bank and shows them the check. We give a brief history of the emails and without thinking twice the bank knew it was B.S. 
The bank took the check and sent it to their fraud department and the police. 
If Sara would have cashed it and sent the money, the bank would eventually find that the check was from a fake account and then she would owe the bank $1950. Mr. Carriere would be long gone skipping off with his $1450.
Sara knew the likleyhood of her job being a scam and was a little bummed out. To make her feel better, I suggested that we have some fun with Mr. Carriere. 
Nothing pisses off scammers more than wasting their time and resources. He had already wasted a carefully forged check, a lot of time writing emails, and $18 to USPS. 

Sara and I put our devious minds together pissed off Mr. Carriere in the best way possible.....

Part III soon :)


  1. Pissed him off in thw best way possible.....

    And both Sara and Emily got the best Christmas gift they could ever wish for.....even Santa can't deliver something this good!

    Emily I think the inly other time I saw you smile this big is when you won $500. From Victorias Secret.....

  2. Holy crap, I am on the edge of my seat! I'm giddy with excitement! Nothing pleases me more than hearing stories about my own family pissing people off. Hurry with part 3. :)

  3. I'm dyring to know what you two did!!! I'm sure it was amazing. Come out with it!

  4. Is that her real address & phone number? You might want to delete that...


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