How To Scam A Scammer - Part III

Read Part I and Part II.

Rey-Nardo sent the $1950 check overnight and emailed her:

Sara, let me know once you deposit the check

 Sara and I had already given his crappy check to the bank. The bank had their fraud team on it and they also made a police report. 
Unable to leave well enough alone, Sara and I set out to waste as much of Nardo's time as possible.

We decided to start with this:

Hey Mr Carriere,
 So I got the check but I haven't deposited it yet because I feel a little bad about taking money that I haven't earned yet. Is it ok with you if I just forward the check to your agent and he can buy the tickets and then just save the $500 until my first paycheck?
I can't wait to meet you and your daughter! Tell her I love movies and am super excited to get to know her better!
Just let me know about the check. Thanks:)

 Within the hour Reynaldo reprimanded: 

I understand, but we talked about this before i had them to process the check to you. My agent won't be able to handle the check because she is busy and her name is not on the check. 
Can't i trust you with the money?

We knew he was getting mad. I like how he sent Sara a check for $1950 to cash, then wanted her to send the cash to his agent to buy plane tickets for his daughter...... but at the same time his agent was too busy to handle the check. 

A day later Sara and I emailed back. We were trying to get him to send another check via USPS so he would have to waste another $18.

I know we talked about it but I just don't feel good about taking money from you, I really appreciate it, but I would hate for us to meet and not be a good fit for each other, like if I am not what you are looking for for Jane or if we have different ideas on how a child should be raised and you decide you want someone else. I understand that your agent is busy, so could you just write me a check minus the $500 for me and then I can deposit it and get it to your agent? I just honestly don't feel good about taking the money until we've met and I've worked.
And can you ask your daughter what her favorite movie is?
Can't wait to meet you guys! Hope you have fun with the rest of your time in London!

 He resends one of his previous emails: 

sara, let me know once you deposit the check

 We knew asking him to send us a check from his personal account would not impress Mr. Carriere. So we did:

 I'm so sorry that I delayed things for you. I went to the bank today to deposit it but they said that it wouldn't go through.. But maybe if you want to try to send me a check from your personal account, then that would work. I can deposit it the minute I get it and then send your agent the money. I know we need to get this done as fast as we can so would that work?

No Reply.
He was obviously skeptical of Sara's intentions after that last email. After 3 more days of him not replying, we pulled a hail Mary pass and sent him this:

Hey so you weren't getting back to me and I know how bad you need the money right now, so I went to my sisters bank and used her account and I have everything cashed and ready for your agent to pick up, just tell me what to do.

Still No Reply. The next day we write:

Mr. Carriere? I'm just waiting for what you'd like me to do. 

It worked, within 2 hours he wrote:

Have you transferred my daughter's flight fee with western union? 

1 day later we gave an ominous answer:


Mr. Scam-pants immediately emails back:

You haven't given me the transaction details yet. Get back to me with the MTCN NUMBER, AMOUNT SENT AND THE SENDER'S NAME. You can find the mtcn on the western union receipt.

Hours later, I made up an MTCN number and sent it to him.

MTCN: 0009523687
Amount Sent: $1450.00
And I just sent it under my name. 
Let me know if you need anything else. Sorry this took so long. :)

Reynaldo was pissed:

My agent said the mtcn is incorrect, I hope you are not trying to play smart

I can guarantee you, the last thing we were trying to do was play smart:

That's the number. I just double checked. I thought we talked about this Reynaldo?

 Mr. Carriere was NOT amused:

About what? The number is wrong and you didn't send the money to my agent. Why ? 
Clearly, Reynaldo is sufficiently pissed off by this point. But I am a reasonable girl so I told him why:

I'm am so sorry that I gave you the wrong number, it's just that I usually don't wire money to idiots. I can't believe you think people are actually going to fall for your stupid scam. I'm surprised you can even read. I bet your mother is very disappointed in you
My friends and I have been having a good time messing with you. I hope you are not too mad about the $18 you had to pay to send that crappy check out to Utah. I promptly handed it over to the police along with all the other information I have on you.

It must suck to be bad at the easiest job in the world.... internet scamming. 

Hopefully you will think of a better scam than this one, because you obviously have no future in the real world. 
Thanks for the laughs! 

Strangely he never replied back....

Check out justcare.com, it's for sale!!!! I assume the whole site was created just for ripping people off. Now that he is scared he'll get caught, he's shutting everything down

What a Nardo. 

P.S. If you would like to send your own message to Mr. Carriere, 
his email is: rycarriere@icox.in


  1. Haha! You nailed him. Something like this almost happened when we were looking to purchase a new car a few years ago. We were all excited because we found a brand new camry for half the regular price, but the owner was "overseas for the army" and couldn't be there for the transaction...thankfully my then-boss tipped us off that it was a scammer and saved us all this trouble. But now I know what to do if it ever happens again! Seriously, thank you for the entertainment. There are some incredibly daft people in this world.

  2. This is the best thing ever!


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