Keep Calm and Gift On

This Christmas I was stuck in another conundrum..... What should I get my parents for Christmas?

Every year I have the same problem. Consequently, I end up having to make them something awesome.

2012 was no different.

I busted out some old chalkboards I stole from a box at work. (Lisa, if you tell anyone, I will kill you.)  

They were the nasty green color that they used for chalkboards in the 1970's. We all know anything from the 70's is dirty, so I painted them with black tempera paint.

My low I.Q. only permits me so much wittiness/creativity per year and I was running on empty.
So I ended up using this print as inspiration:

Such a novel idea, I know.

My mom's was easy. She loves to sew and quilt:

  "Keep Calm and Quilt On"

That is a long-arm quilting machine pictured behind her. If you know what that even is, I should probably make a sign for you too. 

My dad likes to chemically engineer stuff, hence his sign:

"Keep Calm and Chemical Engineer On" 

Doesn't that have a nice ring to it? I thought so. 

My favorite brother Jake's sign took the most energy. He only appreciates gifts that are lovingly crafted and personal. Jake is an avid survivalist, fisherman and all-around outdoors man.

"Keep Calm and Bait On"

If there is one hobby I know Jake likes, it's baiting. 

Told you. 

BTW, Notice in both of Jake's pictures, my little brother Daniel is giggling with glee at Jake's antics. 

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