10 Things: Trends I Hate

Sometimes I find it comforting to focus on the negative things in life.

For instance, Check out this nasty stuff....

1. High heeled sneakers:

2. These kinds of backpacks:

3. Cheap looking/homemade sandals:

4. High-waist jeans:

5. These white trash tank tops:

6. Crop Tops:

7. Neon clothing:

8. **Anything in the color "oxblood":

 ** Unless you are Asian...... Asians look stunning in this color.
9. Themed sweaters:

10. ***These hats:

*** Mostly because I think other girls look cute in them, but every time I try one on I look like a douche.

I obviously have to include my mortal enemy.... knee shorts:

I still wear them though. yuck.


  1. i hate knee shorts too but i have to wear them in the summer! I am making friends with lots of non mormons out here in Kansas City and I think they all think I'm a frumpy dumpy weirdo when all I wear are knee shorts. Blerg.

  2. lol i hate knee shorts but i wear them to church and sometimes out to family events so i look "appropriate". i agree all trends this year are just horrendous and horrible

  3. Ugh, yes high heeled sneakers. Thank you!

  4. Ha! I love that you made a list. I'd add a few things to it but will instead keep them to myself since I'm an 80s child who wore neon clothes for more than a few years back in the day. :)


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