Private Driving

I love Facebook for a number of reasons.

  • It's an easy place to stalk people
  • It gives you something to do at 3am
  • It confirms if people you didn't like got fat or ugly
  • It is a great place for my dumb sister to show what a fool she is
  • You can get some good gossip about who is in jail or rehab
  • But mostly, it's a good place to keep in touch with dear friends and family with minimal effort.

It's 3:28am. I can't sleep because I just threw up a PB&J Uncrustable.  Lately, I wake up every night so hungry that I eat whatever is closest. Tonight is was Ryan's stale 1/2 eaten, pre-packaged sandwich.

After I puked, I was perfecting my normal Facebook stalking routine when I came across this picture:

This guy just got married and is about to graduate from dental school.

Why is this intriguing?

Because in middle school and high school, this guy was known for being able to drive his old minivan with his boner.

You read that right..... With his boner.

He was always happy and smiling.
He allegedly smoke enough pot to fund the lifestyles of three small-time drug dealers.

Now look at him. All grown up and fully clothed.
It's incredible how people evolve.

I'm glad to see he still has his charming perma-grin.

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  1. Ahhh! Why can't I figure out who this guy is?


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