Work Hard - Dance Harder

Jared has been busy remodeling our house. 2 of the main floor bathrooms are done, and now he is working on our late 1960's era kitchen.

It's cool that Jared can remodel a house by himself. I love a manly man.

In fact, I once broke up with a guy because he tried to sing to me and afterwards I felt like he was too much of a wuss.

The only problem with Jared doing all the work himself is that it takes FOREVER to finish.
Plus, it ends up being more expensive than if we just hired a contractor. Jared is a perfectionist and has to have the best materials and every tool available to remodel anything.

At least he looks sexy doing it.

Maybe the remodel will go faster now that Ryan can help out.


Then again, maybe not...



  1. haha oh my word.. that dancing video is too much! How cute is he?!

  2. Oh the cuteness. I love it.


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