Ryan's Big Head

Cryin Ryan's hair grows disgustingly fast. I just gave him a haircut 5 weeks ago and now he looks like a white trash neglected child...... again
Kids with stick straight hair do not look good unless they have a clean cut. 

Of course the back of Ryan's hair naturally grows into a manly rat-tail that melts into his healthy helping of blonde back hair.

The sides grow over his ears like a tree elf.

Ryan used to let me cut his hair. He would sit still and chomp on his lollipop.

Nowadays we have major problems. There is a lot of bribing, wrestling, screaming, and struggling involved. It's impossible to give him a good haircut with a fade up the sides.

I thought to myself:

I know! I'll give him a buzz!

While this haircut is super cute on other kids, it is questionable on Ry-Ry.
It accentuates his big head........ just what I was aiming for.


Why do I have  ruin everything?


  1. you didn't post an after photo. was it really that bad?!

  2. Buzz's are way easier. Don't blame you! Especially right now!

  3. My youngest has the rat tail thing happening too.. Boys's hair can be tough!

  4. Ha ha... I think he looks adorbs! You should give him a faux hawk sometime! I love that look on little boys. :-)

    Sarah @ Life As Always


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