Park City Acrobatics

At the beginning of June, Jared and I left Cryin' Ryan with my mom for an overnight trip to Park City, Utah.

That's right. I left my baby..... overnight..... for the first time ever.

I only had like 6-7 mild panic attacks while we drove away, which I consider a success.

I'm obsessed. I can barely leave Baby Ryan at home with Jared for more than a few hours.

We have left Pee-baby with babysitters less than 5 times since he was born, and never longer than a few hours.
While I was happy to spend some time alone with Jear-bear, I missed my baby!

Everything reminded me of how awesome Cryin' Ryan is.

We were walking up main street and stopped at a little book store. All I could think about was how much Ryan would like to throw everything off the shelves. 
At the Wasatch Brew Pub I imagined Ryan refusing to sit in a high chair and running around the restaurant giggling like a serial killer.

It was really weird to sit down at a restaurant without having to get up ever 2 minutes to tackle my baby.

I tracked down the BANKSY graffiti art I wanted to see. I felt so revolutionary. I almost went and bought a Che Guevara T-shirt.

Park City Mountain Resort is where I learned to snowboard. I ditched a lot of high school and college classes to come snowboard in this awesome place. I caused a lot of trouble here.
It felt like I was coming home.

Then, we returned to our lodge for a make-out session..... which may or may not have included naked amateur acrobatics.

Fine, I'll admit it, maybe it was a GOOD thing we left him with my Mom.


  1. I'll tend any time. I like the result. :) .....except you puking your guts out.....

  2. Didn't your mother warn you that naked acrobatics leads to pregnancy?

    1. That's precisely why I'm willing to tend. ;)


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