Go Away Mom

When Baby Ryan needs something or wants to show me anything, he grabs my hand and pulls me to it.

He usually wants me to play cars with him, get him some food, or catch a spider for him.
Once he put a pillow and blanket under the table,  set up our portable DVD player, and pulled me over to come sit by him. AWWWWWWW!

Pee-Toddler is unusually nice and friendly (which is weird because I was convinced I would have horrible kids as punishment for my youthful indiscretions).

Last night, I witnessed Cryin' Ryan's first rude actions.

Jared and Ryan were wrestling in the front room. I walked out and started laughing with them.
Ryan stopped smiling.
He walked over to me, grabbed my hand and pulled my towards the hallway.
Then he looked me in the eye - still not smiling - and says, "Go away mommy."
I stood there for a second, and he pointed down the hallway repeating, "Go away."

I pretended to walk towards the office. As soon as I was gone Ryan giggled, screamed, and ran back to tackle Jared.

Looks like Baby Ryan isn't so nice after all.

At least he likes his Dad.

P.S. A few minutes later Ryan came and gave me a high five - so, as of right now, we are on speaking terms again.

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  1. i would die if Isaac ever did that! luckily i prob wont see my husband for a few years during med school, so im hoping isaac forgets he even has a father!


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