I am getting old. I accept it.

5 years ago I had to get glasses.
2 years ago I started to go deaf.

But, what I don't understand is the older I get, the more acute my sense of smell is.

Smell is the worst of the 5 senses. THE WORST.
When I'm pregnant, my nose becomes a precision radar.

I can smell Ryan's dirty diapers BEFORE he actually drops a deuce.
I know what my neighbors are having for dinner.
And, I can tell when a dog is within 50 yards of me.

BUT, I cannot drive without glasses/contacts or hear Jared when he talks to me from another room, and I say "What????" 129 times a day.

It's a painful existence.

Trading useful senses (vision and hearing) for super smelling power, is the worst tradeoff ever.
I should at least be compensated with a growth spurt in my boobal region.

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  1. when I'm pregnant my hearing is multiplied by one million percent. so i can actually hear jared telling you to shut up and stop whining all the way from my house


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