10 Things: Motherhood

The fact that I am Ryan's mom is easily the best thing about me.

A few recent thoughts on being another human's mom:

1. I thought I would get tired of all the cuteness that comes with a baby. Instead, like a heroin addict, I crave more.

2. I'm so glad that I can work when I want and bring my baby with me. I would hate leaving him all the time.

3. I can't believe how cool it is that my main responsibility is hanging out with my awesome baby.

4. Kids are everything that is good in the world.

5. Ryan stacked about 16 jenga blocks on top of eachother! I was so proud..........then he head-butted them and I wasn't that proud anymore. 

6. I love the smell of his breath, his clothes, and his hair. I sniff them all the time. I feel like a weirdo.

7. I'm glad Ryan is not a wussy. He cracked his head on a metal corner of a desk, looked confused for a second, then continued on with what he was doing. No big deal.

8. I love that we share a unhealthy obbesssion with bugs.

9. I love when he runs around the house yelling "MOMMIES!!!!"

10. 2 year old's are not terrible, they are adorable and funny.



  1. This is so sweet...and true. When I had my first, my life changed forever. It's not like falling in love. It's an instantaneous, earth shattering love the minute you hold them, that you never knew was inside of you. Keep enjoying these baby years, they were the best in my life! :)


  2. Wow. A non-sarcastic loving post. I believe the world will end tomorrow.
    And yes, being a mom is awesome.


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