Binge Reading

I love to Binge Read.
This habit started getting really bad in college. After an intervention and support from friends and family, I got my reading under control.

Like my friend Christie, when it comes to buying books, I laugh and think to myself, "No thanks moderation, no thanks."

I have been on a true crime reading spree the last 2 weeks. A couple friends have asked for some good book suggestions, so if you want some fascinating summer reads, check out these books:

John Glatt

Dugard was kidnapped in 1991 at age 11. She was taken by a pedophile psychopath and his crazy wife. She was captive over 18 years. She had two kids with her captor. She was able to escape in 2009.
This book is well researched and provides facts surrounding the case.

Jaycee Dugard also wrote a book herself to share her personal account of her years as a prisoner.  Her ability to look at the positive side of life is moving. She forces you to reconsider your perspective on your own life. Fascinating.

Jaycee Dugard

 John Glatt 

This one is about the a girl who was locked in a specially built prison in the cellar. Her DAD locked her down there for 24 years. He raped her and fathered her 7 kids. Sick but intensely captivating.

I read these in two days. They are that grossly fascinating.

OK, fine. I admit it. Within those two days I also read:

P.S. I take no responsibility if you cannot sleep or trust others for a while after you read these books.

P.S.S. Taking pictures with your food every day is the new "Classy".

 Happy Reading. 


  1. omg how can you sleep at night when you read crazy shiz like that??? i just read an amazing book on the holocaust and i couldn't sleep for a week i was so disturbed....SEVEN kids by her dad????? i threw up in my mouth when i read that P.S. you are the meanest sister in the world. i'm guessing after Feg Feg.

  2. How do you have time to read and parent your child at the same time? I tried to read the great gatsby recently and only got like 10 pages in before I was like "F" this and flipped on the tv. At least I can listen to the tv while whiping someone else's butt.

  3. One time at work I decided to look up John Wayne Gacy. I couldn't unread what I read and couldn't unsee what I had seen. I was scared to death for the next few days and slept with the light on. There is no way I could read books like this.

  4. The funny part is that when you were Megs age YOU TOOK PICTURES OF YOUR FOOD TOO! Hahahahahaha....only you were a lot meaner! Just say in'


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