Spiders Are Coming

 Pee-baby's obsession with bugs has not waned.
I am still obligated to go with him on bug hunts.......... everyday.

At a Boys and Girls Club party I was painting the kids faces. I painted a black widow spider on one of the kids. Ryan saw it and insisted that I paint "piders" on his cheeks and on both his hands.

When we got home, he did not appreciate it when I told him he had to get in the shower and wash them off.

He started whining - "Piders!!! No baff(bath)! "

He really likes spiders.

He always talks about them.

He was recently concerned that the "piders are comin!"


I feel a little better that he is easily distracted by bubbles at the end of this one.


 A few days later he smashed a beetle, put it in his pocket, then took it out once we were back inside the house. 


Douche-baby/Primordial Dwarf-baby had a major breakdown when I threw it away.

Why can't he be obsessed with cleaning his toys up or pooping in the toilet?


  1. He looks like he totally enjoyed the party by his disheveled picture!! The videos are SO cute! I remember catching my daughter when she was about 2, getting ready to put a June bug in her mouth. I imagine it would have had a nice crunchy shell...just like M&M's!


  2. Based on the spider on his face, and my fake tatoo you drew on my are on my 21st birthday, I'm pretty sure you missed your calling as a circus body paint artist.


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