Just Married! We Are Going to Sex!!!

More wedding fun!!!!

Scene: Daniel and Erika's wedding reception

My older brother, Jake, and I planned to carry out the tradition of decorating the newly married couple's car. My little brother, Matthew, had the same idea. So we combined forces.

Daniel intended to hide his car, but threats of glitter in the air conditioning vents forced him to leave his car and keys available.

Matthew brought a ton of balloons, glitter and a couple window markers.
Jake and I brought poster board, window crayons, industrial saran wrap, ribbon and our refreshing wit.

Some people came to help fill the car with balloons. Others came to help by egging us on and laughing at our antics.

WARNING: This is some pretty racy stuff for Provo, Utah.

On the drivers side window:

Someone almost ruined the entire masterpiece by writing "Marriage" really big on the windshield. Yep, just the word "Marriage". Genius..... and classy.

Luckily my window crayons erase easily.

Daniel knew Jake, Matthew, and I would be up to no good so before it got dark, he came and erased all the naughty parts. He was concerned that his new father-in-law would not approve.

We like Dan, so we didn't redecorate the parts he ruined.

It makes me feel better that their wedding photographer took plenty of dirty pictures.


  1. You make my heart smile.

  2. HAHA omg I love this.
    When we got married someone drew a huge penis on the side door with frosting and boobs on the hood of our car- the next morning we went to wash it off and it left behind a greasy frosting stain.

    ...we drove around with huge boobs on the hood of the car for like 6 months until it faded!


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