Proper Care and Feeding of Daniel

My family and I like to make weddings special for those we love.
My little brother Daniel busted out the Napoleon Dynamite dance at my reception, and I wanted to repay the favor.
Preforming a dance would be lame, since others have done it for 3 different weddings. I wanted to do something fresh and unexpected.

Then a brilliant idea came to me: Power Point.

Daniel would be having a fancy luncheon after he was married in the Mormon Temple in Salt Lake City.
About 100 family members and friends would attend. 

I arranged to have a projector and a large screen available for my presentation.
My tiny sister Sara and I compiled all the info we would need. 
We took our time since we wanted it to look professional.

After the Best Man and the Maid of Honor had made their toasts, Sara and I took our place at the front of the room.

I figured it would be appropriate to give Erika some tips about owning a husband.

I began the presentation:

Dressed in a pencil skirt with a tasteful cardigan, I presented the following slides:

Sara presented all the "Fun Facts":

Daniel has a inclination for making faces:

Fortunately, so does Erika:


It was about 15 minutes long and Danny and Erika laughed the entire time.
I was just happy no one cried.

the end.

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  1. Body hair everywhere except eyebrow region? so funny.


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