Best Grandparents EVER

When you have a baby you automatically start classifying everyone you know.

People who are kind to your child vs. People who aren't

I instantly like anyone a lot more if they are nice to Cryin Ryan. 
People who are rude to him are A-holes... no matter what other redeeming qualities they may have. 

If you have a child you know what I am talking about. Nothing is worse than when someone is awful to your precious baby.

This is one of the reasons I love my parents even more.
They are awesome, nice, the best, kind, funny, patient, generous, and rad. 

They are always making an effort to see Pee-Toddler even though we live 2 states away. 
My mom missed Ryan on Easter so the next time they visited, she brought Easter eggs so Ryan could have a mini egg-hunt in our hotel room. 

My dad doesn't even get annoyed when Baby Ryan follows him around for hours. HOURS.

Ryan cannot get enough of "pa-pa". My baby shuns me if my Dad is in the room.
They don't question Ryan's mental capacity when he wants to look at "choo choo chains" on the iPad 684 times a day. 

Ryan is constantly talking about his Grandma and Grandpa. When Pee-baby sees a picture of them he runs and gets my phone so I can call them. Of course he just grins at the phone the entire time. 
It's disgusting how cute it is.

My mom even changes his unsavory log diapers.
They don't even judge Pee-baby for his constant nose-picking and butt-digging.

AWWWW! They are some of my favorite people ever.

I am definitely their favorite child. 
The fact that my baby is in love with them only cements my place in their hearts. Score!



  1. Awww. I love that little boy! And you! And Jared! ...get me another one to spoil!!!!! :D

    And when Emily said Ryan spends HOURS with Grandpa, she was not exaggerating! Ry-ry shuns EVERYONE if pa-pa is around!

  2. Thats funny, I'm my parents favorite child too!!


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