My Questionable Cheese Habit

I have been craving cheese and crackers lately.

In the past 6 days I have eaten over 65 individual packages of Handi-Snacks cheese and crackers.

Over 65 packages. 


Last night I couldn't sleep so I sat in bed, read my book, and greedily wolfed down a bunch of Handi-Snacks.

This is not the first time (or the second.... or third).

I woke up to a huge mess on my nightstand:

Yep, I used my finger to scrape every last bit of chemically preserved cheese from the package.

I'm ashamed.

Not so ashamed that I won't do it again though.

I don't want to talk about this anymore.

P.S. If you are ever wondering if humans can survive on toosie rolls, cheese and crackers, and water - for days at a time - ............. they can.


  1. I once a donut from the trash can.

    Now I have to dispose of my baked goods Miranda style- with soap on them. Sadness.

    Also hey look we are friends.

  2. Emily!! That is poison is disguise! Those packages are not big enough to fill up Ryan, that's why you are eating so many! And a tip: I promise not to snack on anything until I have completed at least one chapter.


  3. hahaa I knew it!!! When I read this post I knew you'd eventually text me, crying

  4. The thing you should be eating in bed, and the type of empty wrappers next to your bed, should have nothing to do with your stomach. C'mon, man up and be the slut I know you are! Oh wait, a late night craving and throwing up later? Maybe you already were a slut and you are knocked up again?


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